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If you’re looking to reach out and share your story, or want to work on a project together, let’s chat. Get in touch via the form below. 

Do you take paid partnerships?

No, I currently don’t accept unsolicited paid posts or sponsorships. My story, my content, and my website are my own, and I don’t accept payment (outside costs) for my personal posts or media appearances.

Can you help me with marketing?

I co-founded a digital marketing training company called EAT Digital, which you can contact directly for marketing advice. I’m also a Digital Business Advisor for Business Station, where you can access 7 hours of digital assistance for $44.

Do you offer mental health assistance?

Although I can provide feedback based on my own experience, I am not a qualified mental health professional. For my own wellbeing, I may redirect you to more suitable services if I feel your needs may be outside my lived experience. 


Get in touch

I’m here to offer support or answer questions but due to a lot of enquiries as well as my busy family life, I may not always answer immediately. You can find me on social media or send me an email through the contact form below. If you are from the media or want to contact me in a professional or networking capacity, please use the media contact form, instead.

You can find me on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Mastodon.